a durational performance / installation by Ursula Scherrer

live video – Ursula Scherrer
live sound – Brian Chase, Kato Hideki

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Clocktower at Pioneer Works



installation / performance

works on paper


single channel video


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A black space. Time disappears. Space disappears. Movement is imperceptible.
Scherrer, Chase and Hideki are creating a space of floating sounds and images, the visible becomes invisible, the invisible becomes visible.
It is not about what the viewer sees and hears, it is about the feeling the images and sounds provoke, that which is beyond the surface.
A seemingly floating, structure of semitransparent black fabric that has sparkles woven into it is hanging in the space. The black absorbs the image, the image disappears. The silver sparkle within the black makes the image visible.
The audience is invited to sit and lie on the floor.
The images are organic shapes filmed in nature and architecture, abstracted to extract the essence of them. Sometimes the images and sounds become very active and there are times of no sound and no image. The artists are holding the space.
The space is a space of pure being, a space where the audience feels comfortable to float, letting themselves go, loosing themselves in, loosing touch with time. There is a feeling of no gravity. The sounds are hanging in mid air. There is a moment when time dissolves. When the visitors leave they have no idea if they stayed for 10 min. or several hours. There is nothing happening and yet so much. A dream that becomes reality, reality that becomes a dream.