Discursive Ornaments


3 hour durational performance by Ursula Scherrer with poet Liliya Ben Romdhane

video and performance – Ursula Scherrer
poem – Liliya Ben Romdhane

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installation / performance

works on paper


single channel video


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Video footage of a typical tile wall, filmed in a house in the Medina, is projected into a narrow alley in front of Dar Al Jaziri, the House of Poetry, in the Medina of Tunis.
The first day, Ursula Scherrer followed the lines of the ornaments with black chalk, drawing along the constantly moving lines, on the street and on the walls. Chalk was placed along the walls to encourage the audience to join her.
The three following nights Scherrer cleaned the street with a brush, cleaning the light spaces of the projections.
Liliya Ben Rondhame from the Tunisian Slam Collective 'Street Poetry' was reciting her poem over and over and over.
The endlessly repetitive actions of the two artists reminded of a mantra, the same again and again and yet constantly shifting.