a durational performance by Ursula Scherrer and Michelle Nagai



installation / performance

works on paper


single channel video


bio / resume


New Genre Festival 2008 | Living Arts of Tulsa
Tulsa | Oklahoma

Imagescape:Soundscape:Landscape is an immersive installation featuring live performance of images and sounds from landscapes far and near. Scherrer (video) and Nagai (sound) bring their unique footage of landscapes from around the world into dialogue with newly collected images and sounds from Tulsa and the surrounding area. The artists' tools include old-fashioned analog video mixers, laptops, multiple sound sources, video projections onto panels of fabric and good ol' paper and pencil. The artists offer equal attention to visual, sonic and physical perceptions as the focal point of the performance moves freely across the senses. Viewers are encouraged to experience the work both as insiders, moving within the physical dimension of the images and sounds, and as peripheral observers, taking in the full scope of the work as a part of something that exists well beyond the limits of the gallery.

This event is made possible by a grant by mediaThe foundation