photos by Joshua White

still from video













Text, video and sound performance and installation
mixed media (glass, clay, blood of the artists period, video, sound)



installation / performance

works on paper


single channel video


bio / resume



Re-write was performed during the opening of (Re-) Cycles of Paradise at LACE, Los Angeles, and continued as an installation throughout the exhibition. Scherrer explores the thought process about being a woman, a mother, an artist, and a responsible social being in a physical, organic act during which she uses knitting needles to write streams of consciousness in fresh clay that is spread on shards of glass. The action is filmed from below, which makes the text glow through the darkness as if in a dream. As soon as the words are written, she erases them by smoothing the clay over. The act is repeated again and again, as if trying to catch her thoughts. Contact microphones, attached to the glass, amplify the sound of the writing.
At the end of the performance Scherrer pours blood of her period onto the writing. She places the glass shards against the wall as part of the installation. Over the period of the exhibition the clay will slowly fall down to the floor.

video of the performance