An audio-visual installation by Ursula Scherrer and Flo Kaufmann

artMuse 2011, Bocholt, Germany



installation / performance

works on paper


single channel video


bio / resume


Inspired by the space and engineering techniques of the former textil factory and spinnery Scherrer’s images and Kaufman’s sounds twist around each other into an endless and dense thread of the play between light, sound and movement.

The artists create a mobile out of rotating punchcards. Their perforated patterns throw images of lights/holes onto the next surface and find in that their fuction as stencils again.

In Spinnerei, light and darkness, video cameras and homemade, turning ‘sound creators’ are some of the fibers that spin themselves into yarn.

The installation invites the visitor to linger, to come and go, to move, to change the position in space, to follow the constant flow of light and sounds.