Who Are You


a site specific performance
duration: 3 hours

See Djerba, Houmt Souk, Tunisia

Aziz Aissaoui
Henry Cyrenius

Ryan Gharbi

Ursula Scherrer

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installation / performance

works on paper


single channel video


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A street Cafe.
Four performers are walking out of the side street into the Cafe and sit down as couples across from each other.
The knees are almost touching. They look into each others eyes and ask each other: 'who are you'.
In their own language. In their common language.
After 3 hours they are getting up and are leaving one after the other.

The audience is invited to join for as long as they wish. Some chairs and tables are set up for them.

The answer is the question. The question is the answer.
Asking the other is asking oneself.
Projection in its simplest – or most complex? - form.

My interest lies less so in what we see then the feeling that what we see is leaving behind.
Is it about the question or about something beyond the question?